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Program Options

ALE Program Options

The SW ALE provides opportunities for students to take courses or grade-level coursework in which some or all of the student’s instruction takes place outside of the regular classroom or school setting. Student coursework, whether onsite or offsite, is included in the student’s WSLP. 

While the SW ALE does offer an array of onsite classes, the ALE does not provide a full-time onsite educational option. It is important to know that some or all of your ALE student’s learning will happen offsite. And that you, the parent or guardian, will be responsible for facilitating that learning.

ALE Kids Planting

The program is divided into three grade bands, with courses offered according to these grade bands: 1st and 2nd; 3rd through 5th; and 6th through 8th. In consultation with the student’s mentor teacher, students and their families may choose to enroll in courses based on their student’s educational needs and on the availability of the courses. 

Students and their families may opt to enroll their students in some or all of the onsite instruction offered and available to the student at their grade level, subject to course availability. Students and their families also may opt for all instruction to take place offsite, facilitated by parents or guardians.

The relationship between the student, family and teacher is reciprocal in nature, and requires families to commit to partnering in their student’s education. Mentor teachers serve as advisors and mentors to the students and their parents or guardians, supporting student learning and growth. Parents or guardians must be able to facilitate a portion of their student’s learning, and must commit to fulfilling program requirements, including facilitating weekly contact between their student and their student’s mentor teacher, and providing work samples and monthly updates on student learning and progress in parent-facilitated courses of study that occur offsite.

The SW ALE is not homeschooling. While certain aspects of the experience may look or feel similar to homeschooling, an ALE is a form of public school education, and thus ALE students are subject to the rules and regulations governing public school. 
Review our Statement of Understanding, in accordance with WAC 392-121-182(6)(j), for more information about the difference between home-based instruction (homeschooling), private school and alternative learning experience (ALE). Students are considered either one or the other.