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PEI Environmental Sustainability Literacy Summit

ALE students of various grades attended PEI's annual environmental and sustainability literacy summit. Each ALE grade band presented upon environmental and sustainability work they have completed in the ALE program through verbal presentation and tri fold displays. These included salmon friendly gardening practices, pollinator garden implementation, invasive species removal/habitat restoration, and beach biomonitoring. Students were able to present their work to many important representatives and leaders within our education system including but not limited to Governor Jay Inslee, OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal, and OSPI Office of Native Education Henry Strom.The following day students met with 3 representatives from our district - Clyde Shavers, Dave Paul, and Ron Muzzall. During these meetings students discussed their environmental work and the importance of ALE programs and environmental education opportunities within public schools.

Saving the Planet One Project at a Time - South Whidbey Record

A group of South Whidbey students has been working on projects to improve habitats.

By Kira Erickson • January 19, 2024 1:30 am

Saving the planet, one project at a time
A Surprise - circling with first and second graders